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Date: Mon, March 23, 2020 For: Crisis Hours Time: 5  Edit
Notes: Peter was buzy tending to his birds so session proponed to Friday. Peter has yet to gather any statement re his abuse and needs to upgrade his computer before downloading Skype or Zoom software

Date: Tue, March 10, 2020 For: Group Hours Time: 60  Edit
Notes: 9/3/2020Peter arrived at the session with his partner Jacinta. After first checking with Peter in private that he wanted Jacinta to attend she was invited into the counselling session. Peter is more subdued in her present and the session deteriorated into a relationship counselling session. I explained that Phoenix House does not offer a relationship counselling service and the focus of the session being to address the trauma Peter is living with following years of sexual abuse. Jacinta too has a experienced sexual abuse and previously was a client of Lyn Alma. Jacinta has filled in a self-referral form and is planning to attend counselling session in conjunction with Peters time slot. Peters anger issues are a concern and time was allocated to developing a time out strategy when anger irrupted in the household. It was agree with Peter that future sessions will be focused on anger management issues. No witness statement to Peters abuse have yet being received and Peter was assured that if he needed support in lodging the witness statements once obtained I would meet with Peter at the Police Station.

Date: Tue, March 3, 2020 For: Crisis Hours Time: 60  Edit
Notes: Peters goal is to seek justice for the wrong perpetrated against him. Peter explained that there is a history of family incest and wished to bring the perpetrators to justice in order to prevent further sexual assaults occurring against vulnerable victims. The main focus of attention is his brother Anthony who sexually raped Peter when he was 13 years old. Peter has lodged a complaint with the police later 2019. The police requested witness statements from friends and family who knew of the alleged rape at the time. He discussed the issue with his mother who said that he must do what he must do. Peter has received no support from family members and as yet has not made an attempt to collect the required witness statements. It was suggested that if Peter wishes to proceed with the charges he obtains the required witness statements from persons willing to assist him in this task. He believes that his mother, Peters Uncle Harry and cousins Richard and Terry will write witness statements. Peter anxiety in lodging such documents could implicate in his past transgressions. Peter has already spent a month in prison for indecently touching females unknown to him. A total of 5 separate complaints were lodged against him. In addition Peter has a son with Ashleigh who was 13 at the time of her pregnancy. The second rapist Peter wishes to lodge a complaint against is his Uncle Craig who allegedly raped Peter from the age of 14. In the past Uncle Craig has attacked Peter and had pinned against a wall holding him suspended by the neck. Although there is an element of fear in reporting Uncle Craig, Peter now believes he is strong enough to defend himself. Peter also alleges that Uncle Craig rapped his sister Fay and his cousin Helena when she was only 14. Peter has anger issues and future sessions to include anger management and support during the legal process.

Date: Mon, March 2, 2020 For: Phone Contact Time: 10  Edit
Notes: Peter phoned and have made tentative appnt for him tomorrow after work. If this is not suitable please call him on 0498 848 979. See diary entry. LG

Date: Mon, February 24, 2020 For: Crisis Hours Time: 30  Edit
Notes: 21/2/2020Peter was accompanied by his partner Jacinta. A number of comorbid issues surfaced during the session namely anger and his relationship with Jacinta. Peter was very emotional and cried when expressing his anger having been raped by members of his family stressing such events should not happen. It is my belief that each issue needs to be prioritized and dealt with separately. Peters relationship with Jacinta has deteriorated and Jacinta is threatening to walk away from the relationship if Peter does not change. Jacinta too has a history of being sexually abused and agree to seek counselling at Phoenix House for a second referral; previously Lyn was her counsellor. Currently Jacinta is bearing the full brunt of Peters anger and frustration regarding his history of abuse. It appears that Jacinta does all the housework and cooking with little help from Peter. Peter will sit and watch television or listen to music at extreme volumes with little regard for Jacintas complaints. Jacinta most troubling complaint is that Peter will not allow her to sleep in and routinely will wake Jacinta every morning despite her pleas to be allowed to sleep in. Jacinta has recently joined weight watches and both Pater and Jacinta were enthusiastic regarding a walking/ running schedule that was provided for them. Anger control is a major concern and arguments will often erupt. An anger management plan was discussed and agreed that a time out policy would be put in place. For example when one person calls time out a set of rules need to be followed and honoured by both parties. It was suggested to Peter that he write a chronology of events experienced by his Uncle John McKinna (Brother to mother) and his elder brother Anthony. Sobbing Peter explained that he loved his mother and filling a police report against her brother will tear the family apart. Such a report need not be actioned but important for Peter to be able to document all that has happened. Anger management is an ongoing process with Peter.Once appointments have been scheduled for Jacinta further session will run concurrently.

Date: Mon, February 17, 2020 For: Phone Contact Time: 15  Edit
Notes: Peter phoned and wanted appnt on Friday afternoon. Arranged 3pm on 21/2/2020. Requested SMS reminders. Updated diary, emailed Ian to advise. LG

Date: Sat, January 25, 2020 For: Individual Counselling Time: 60  Edit
Notes: 14/1/20202Peter brown [PB] arrived a bit more agitated than his first session. The current session related to his emotions whilst completing a DAS 21Assessment. According to the DAS21 evaluation PB is suffering from Mild depression and severe Stress and anxiety. However PB is on medication for Bi-polar that may result in an underscoring on the depression index. When asked if there was anything specific he wished to talk about he disclosed that he had inappropriately fondled a 13 year old girl Jasmin. This incident occurred about 15 years prior and PB still feels guilty about his actions. He claimed however that he did not penetrate Jasmin and later learnt from his brother that she was sexually active and not a virgin (not that this assumption alters his behaviour). No complaint was lodged with police services regarding the incident with Jasmine. Another issue he discussed was been to by his brother to insert his fist into his rectum. Further rape allegations were made against his Uncle, brother to his mother, John McKinna who PB describes as a paedophile and is active with the Catholic Church in Brisbane preaching the gospel. PB claims the whole family is aware of the abuse that has taken place and wishes to action a plan to stop the cycle of abuse. PB general health was discussed revelling that he was out of condition and his partner Jacinta had put on a lot of weight. It was agreed that a fitness exercise would be beneficial to both their lives.The happy part of PB life is visiting his son in Brisbane who he is spending time with over the long weekend. PB has two other uncles in Brisbane on his father side who PB regards as normal and provides accommodation for him when visiting his son in foster care: Uncle Harry and Uncle Neville.Proposed planning for next session: Work together with PB through the depression manual, provide a walking running schedule to help PB improve his physical fitness; and, discuss with PB about writing out a client statement of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his elder brother and other family members.

Date: Sat, January 25, 2020 For: Crisis Hours Time: 0  Edit

Date: Tue, January 21, 2020 For: Individual Counselling Time: 60  Edit
Notes: Peter arrived in a positive frame of mind with a happy disposition. He is a daily user of marijuana smoking with the aid of a pipe and not a bomb. Peter finds the drug relaxing and may account for his positive mood during the session. Peter has an elder brother Anthony and two sisters Faye and Tina. Other family members mentioned include an uncle (John McKinna) and an Aunt Helena sister to his mother. From the age of about 10 Peter was sexually assaulted by his brother-in-law Craig married to his sister Tina. At the age of 22 Peter had sexual relations with Ashleigh aged 14/15 believed to be his cousin (this still needs to be clarified). A child resulted from the relationship and is being raised in foster care in Brisbane by Allan and Sharon now estimated to be in their 60s. Peter was also sexually assaulted by his uncle John McKinna and his elder brother who is described as a drug addict. Peter was charged with sexual assault, feeling girls breasts and grabbing their buttocks. He was convicted and spent a month incarcerated. His father confiscated his car believe to be a collectors item an original Holden worth $35000. As Peter claims the car is registered in his name he wants the car returned and is contemplating talking to an attorney. It was suggested that he first try and reason with his mother as there is not communication between Peter and his father. Strangely though he travelled to Nerang to celebrate his fathers 60th birthday in contradiction to the negative perception he created about his father.

Date: Mon, January 20, 2020 For: Arranging Referrals Time: 30  Edit
Notes: No referral, received intake documentation from Ian, created client file, updated database and spreadsheet. File to Bre for checking prior to return to Ian. LG

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Date: Mon, January 20, 2020 Action Reqired: No  Edit
Memo: Intake Docs - Peter Brown - 20.01.2020. LG
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Date: Sat, January 25, 2020 Action Reqired: Yes By: 25/01/2020  Edit
Memo: Training programe
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