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Date: Mon, August 10, 2020 For: Crisis Hours Time: 90  Edit
Notes: Ewan McRaild Gayle 0411 813 681Gayle41@optusnet.com.au25 Warren Street, Millpark.Intake was done with Gayle Ewans mother. Ewan is a 16 Yr old maleDOB 27/7/2004Gayle has 7 children: Kahlyssa (27) 14/7/93 - Father Alan Cameron, not living in home.Tatjahna (22)17/11/ 98 -Father Richard Storm, not living in home.Dakotah (16) 27/7/2004 Ewans twin sister father: Derek McRailDEwan (16) 27/7/2004 Dakotahs twin brother Derek McRaildConnor (14) 9/11/2006 brother - father :Derelk McRaildLilianah(6) - sister father: Damon MealorTegan Brown (15) foster child living in home.EwanEwan has been diagnosed with level 2 autism. Ewans physical heath is good. His behaviour towards his siblings is intermittent spending most of the time in his room. Ewan reacts with his siblings only to annoy them. Ewan is very clever and excels in reading and writing beyond his years when compared to peers. Ewan spends 4/5 hours a day on the internet playing games such as GTA, Fortnite and building games such as mind craft. Internet is a calming method for Ewan as he is a very sensitive boy. Ewan does not like any contact with his skin and extremely sensitive to noise and wears ear plus 24 hours a day. Ewan is even sensitive to the sound of his own breath.Ewans father exposed Ewan to pornographic material and suicide videos (snuff video) at the age of 10. This result in panic attacks and Ewan sleeping with knife by his side. Ewans father was reported to the police, convicted, and spent 6 months in prison for being in possession of 97 000 images of child pornography. Ewans father has asperges disease. After serving time the children till wish to see their father monthly much to the distress of their mother. Additionally, Ewan spend time talking to his father on his mobile. Ewan helps around the house with chores if requested but spends most of his time in his room. He is obsessed with furring and loves wearing furs around the house and collecting furring pictures especially of transvestites.Ewans twin sister, Dakotah, is a lesbian. This has caused bullying at school as his peers tend to assume that since is twin is gay he must also be a homosexual. About 12 months ago Ewan registered on the web site https://www.grindr.com/ a LGBTQI dating web site. Ewan is confused about his sexuality and was trying to establish his gender identity. A 72 year old male, Patrick ---- of 30 Bochs Road , Bundaberg started grooming Ewan promising gifts and TV sets. Ewan would sneak out the house at night and meet with Patrick. Ewan related to his mother that on the first occasion penetration hurt him but it was only on the third encounter that Patrick tried to get Ewan do things to him that made Ewan feel uncomfortable, violated and traumatized. The matter was reported to the police who commented that as Ewan had lied about his age there was nothing they could do. On the fourth occasion his mother found Ewan missing from his room that lead to the exposure of his actions. Ewan now sleeps al day and awake at night and is not attending school. Gayle is concerned about Ewans future mental health development and his sexual identity. Ewan wants to know if he is bi-sexual or anther definition of LGBTIQ.As Gayle was sexually assault by her grandfather and Ewan by a 72 year old man negative connotation are linked to a senior counsellor. For this reason Gayle with discuss the issue with Ewan and if necessary they will request a change of counsellor to one of the ladies.

Date: Wed, July 29, 2020 For: Arranging Referrals Time: 15  Edit
Notes: Contacted Gayle(mother);advised for allocation made appnt for the (10th of August at 10am.) Emailed intake letter- Bcc'd Ian (attached). Emailed bounced back resent email. JF

Date: Tue, July 28, 2020 For: Other Time Available for Clients Time: 15  Edit
Notes: Allocated to counsellor IC. (LA)

Date: Tue, July 28, 2020 For: Other Time Available for Clients Time: 5  Edit
Notes: 1:57pm email correspondence to Traige from Team Leader LA - CONTENT: "Hi Lorraine, Daphne and Jennifer,Ewan Macraild has been allocated to Ian. Could you arrange an Intake appointment with his mother Gayle McDonald please."(LA)

Date: Thu, July 23, 2020 For: Arranging Referrals Time: 30  Edit
Notes: Received referral; Created client profile; updated spreadsheet. Contacted Gayle (mother) was aware of ref; wanted to proceed; explained triage process. Emailed to triage. JF

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Date: Thu, July 23, 2020 Action Reqired: No  Edit
Memo: MACRAILD Ewan DOB 27.07.2004 - Police Ref 23.07.2020. JF
Document:  View Document >>  

Date: Wed, July 29, 2020 Action Reqired: No  Edit
Memo: Email Appnt- Ewan Macraild 29.07.2020. JF
Document:  View Document >>  

Date: Mon, August 10, 2020 Action Reqired: No  Edit
Document:  View Document >>  

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